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Located in the middle of the Cotentin, in Normandie (France), the Haras de B'Néville (« Haras » means « stud farm » in French, « B'Néville » means « Benoistville » in Norman dialect) was developed over a quarter century and has now become one the best breeders in France.

With infrastructures adapted to its equine population, and having an easy access to the extended beaches of Normandie, the Haras de B'Néville provides to its horses an ideal framework for balanced growth and evolution.
The champions from the Haras demonstrate the effectiveness of the options chosen by their breeder in their learning, an undeniable expertise in the selection and combination of mares and stallions, and therefore an exceptional quality both physically and mentally.

Regularly ranked among the best French breedings, the Haras de B'Néville brings to the Selle Français the insurance of the availability of an excellent genetic proven repeatedly, suggesting the emergence of many new talents today and tomorrow.

It has become difficult to count without Jean-Baptiste Thiebot in the horse world, regarding the performances of his products in equestrian sports at the regional, national and international levels, but also because of his commitment to the organizations Cheval Normandie, of which he is president, and the ANSF of which he is vice-president.

Therefore the choice of a horse from the breeding of B'Néville gives the insurance of acquiring the combination of 4 values of Jean-Baptiste Thiebot which make his breeding successful since always: you will then find the experience, the quality, the expertise and the confidence, combined into a single horse who will certainly, whatever your level, amateur or professional, give you a full satisfaction.

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